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The present Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as T&C) represent the General Terms of Booking of the on line services provided by URBAN DISTRICT APARTMENTS, a registered trademark of Urban District Network SRL with legal address at Viale Andrea Doria, 5 20124 Milan Italy with CF/PI 09726540967, hereinafter referred to as OUR COMPANY; to the USER, with scope and conditions as set hereinafter.

Urban District Network provides centralized cloud based technology solutions (SaaS), centralized digital reservation and customer management, as well as quality standards to Property Owners and Property Managers so to grant a product’s consistency and homogeneous Quality of Service across multiple destinations for users and travellers.

Property Owners and Property Managers, hereinafter referred as THE PARTNERS, which adhere to the Urban District’s Affiliation Network, have formally committed to the quality standard set out by OUR COMPANY and to inform about any deviance from the initially stated condition of the property.

Properties listed by the PARTNERS in OUR COMPANY’ system are validated by OUR COMPANY before making them available for USER’s booking, so to grant a fulfilment of the requested quality standards. In that case, the properties will be listed and tagged as “Validated”. OUR COMPANY’s authorized personnel might, also physically inspect some of the listed properties. In that case, the inspected properties will be listed and tagged as “Granted” represents the direct on line booking portal of PARTNERS that belongs to the Urban District’s Affiliation Network. For any reason Urban District Apartments can be considered as an Online Agency or as provider of intermediation services.

The USER declares that all the data and information provided is correct and knows and accepts the totality of the following Booking Terms.



The personal data provided by the USER is confidential and protected. OUR COMPANY informs USER that all levels of security of protection of personal data legally required have been adopted and all possible technical measures to prevent the loss, improper use, alteration, unauthorized access and copy of the personal data provided have been installed. However, the USER shall recognize that although all the measures are taken, Internet security cannot be fully granted. In no case, the personal user data will be used for a different purpose than that described in these Booking Terms. The USER has the right to access, cancel, rectify and reject the use of personal data by written communication sent to OUR COMPANY. In no case the personal user data will be released to third parties without written permission from the USER.



These Booking Terms have the purpose to set the conditions based on which OUR COMPANY supplies the service or the services that the USER accepts without limitation. These Booking Terms might be complemented by specific conditions related to a product or service.

These complementary terms such as but not limited to, Cancellation Terms, Local Taxes, Security Deposit, Additional mandatory Services, … are property related, therefor set by the Property Owner and Property Manager, in the property listing.  The fulfilment of an on line Booking Form and its acceptance, imply the acceptance without any restriction or limitation of these Booking Terms and complementary ones shown on listings.



The USER may contract one or more services described at www.urban Said services will be ruled by these T&C and by any other specific conditions that may be applicable.

USER fully understands that some or all the services described and offered in are not provided by OUR COMPANY and therefore will claim no liabilities or damages to OUR COMPANY as set in the following clause.



5.1 – Of the Service supplier:

OUR COMPANY will be not responsible for the direct or indirect damage of any nature caused by:

a)Altering the privacy and security in the use of the contents of the website and the services offered by unknown third parties, according to the current legal regime.

  • b)The presence of fake elements in the services offered by third parties through the Web page that may alter the computer system, electronic documents or files of the USER.
  • c)The lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content offered by third parties, if changed after the validation done by OUR COMPANY.
  • d)The lack of legality, reliability or usefulness of the contents of the services offered by third parties through the website.


5.2 – Of the USER

The USER is responsible for:

  1. a) its own identification and for the people travelling with him/her when accessing the service;
  2. b) to provide valid credit card details when doing the online payment,
  3. c) to sign the rental contract at check-in or when accessing the service;
  4. d) to behave according to the rules of behaviour set by the PARTNERS.
  5. e) to the correct use of the webpage and its related services.



The service of the website has no termination date. Nevertheless, OUR COMPANY is entitled to terminate or suspend the service of the website and / or any of the services therein offered at any time, without disregarding any provisions relevant as set in these Booking Terms. When reasonably possible, OUR COMPANY will release a prior notice of the termination or suspension of the service provided by the Web page





OUR COMPANY supply digital technology solutions that allow PARTNERS to digitally distribute their properties and services to online travel agencies or directly to OUR COMPANY’s web page as direct booking page. OUR COMPANY allows USER to access the owner’s contact details such as name and exact address of the accommodation, when the down payment has been paid by USER and after verifying that USER request is compliant with these Booking Terms or any other conditions as set in the accommodation’s description.



OUR COMPANY uses all means available to ensure that the online availability calendar of each accommodation is updated. However, OUR COMPANY cannot guarantee that at the time of processing the On Line Booking or Reservation Request, the proposed accommodation is still available.

OUR COMPANY reserves the right to reject the reservation request of the USER and propose alternative solutions, if any. OUR COMPANY shall not be held liable for any consequence derived from a reservation being rejected.

After receiving the Booking or Reservation Request from the user, OUR COMPANY will verify the compliance of said request to these BOOKING TERMS and will confirm the booking with a written Booking Confirmation.

A reservation is only confirmed after OUR COMPANY has received the payment by USER.

The Booking Confirmation will be complemented by Arrival Instructions, which will contain information about property address, check-in agent and contact details and reception or meeting point’s address.

USER acknowledges and accepts that confirmed reservations are subject to these Booking Terms and Complementary Property terms shown on property page.


  1. RATES

All rates are VAT included. Rates might change across seasons and according to the number of people accessing the property.

Rates might or might not include Mandatory Services such as but not limited to end of stay cleaning, early or late check-out. Additional mandatory services are listed in the property listing under terms. Rates might or might not include Info Services such as local taxes which according to the local regulation might not be included in the service’s rates.



Payment terms are described as follow:

Pay To Book or Down Payment: amount that will be charged to the USER when making the online booking so to confirm the reservation made.

Balance Payment: is the pending payment to be paid before arrival or at the check-in according to the set property’s terms.

Security Deposit: this is paid by USER to owner upon check-in, and is refunded on check-out provided no damages have been caused to the property or no rules of behaviours have been violated.

Payments at the check-in can be done only by the accepted payment methods shown in the property page under the terms section.



USER may cancel a confirmed reservation by sending an email to OUR COMPANY informing on the request of cancellation. The written communication is mandatory for the val

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